Here are some of the qualities of Prajnaparamita. Can you think of more?
  • A 'wisdom' figure, associated with the Heart Sutra in particular, and the Perfection of Wisdom literature in general
  • Reality, emptiness, non-dual awareness
  • Her body is made of golden Buddhas
  • Elusive
  • "The book that became a goddess" (Vessantara)
  • Sitting in meditation posture
  • Mature woman (other archteypal Buddhas of Mahayana Buddhism are visualized as 16 years old). 
  • Hands form either the teaching gesture or meditation gesture...or both! (sometimes she's got 4 arms)
  • Golden light
  • Images of Prajnaparamita are not common. At one point (possibly in the '50's) Edward Conze said there were only about 40 statues in existence. 
  • The easiest way to identify her is by looking for a small book resting on a blooming lotus flower by one or both shoulders
  • Other symbols: vajra, mala, sword (cutting through delusion), begging bowl
  • Since all Buddhas are born of wisdom--she is mother of them all